Measuring shisha glasses with thread - but how?

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The following dimensions are important:

  1. Inner diameter of glass opening
  2. Outer diameter of glass opening
  3. Glass depth (for water pipe)
  4. Total amount
  5. Total diameter belly

  1. Inner diameter of glass opening

- The inner diameter of the glass opening is also the inner diameter of the thread.

In our picture example the inner diameter is 4,3cm.

  1. Outer diameter of glass opening

- For glasses with thread, the diameter is measured at the level of the thread grooves. At this dimension it is not sufficient to measure the upper outer diameter of the thread. You can get an exact measure by measuring the thread with a caliper gauge in the middle of the thread and make sure that the tips of the grippers are not in the notches. If you do not have a caliper gauge, it is recommended to work with a second measuring stick, ruler or similar.

In our picture example the outer diameter is 5,4cm.

  1. Glass depth (for water pipe)

- The depth of the glass plays a role above all in the search for a suitable water pipe.

- For glasses with threads, the glass depth is the dimension of the inner glass bottom to the top of the threaded ring. A second measuring rod or similar is also useful here.

In our picture example the glass depth is 23,4cm.

  1. Total amount

- For glasses with thread, the complete height of the glass including thread is measured.

In our picture example the total height is 24,7cm.

  1. Total diameter belly

- To get an idea of the glass dimension, the total diameter of the belly is given. The widest point of the entire glass is measured.

General tips:

To measure you need a yardstick or a ruler. In order to achieve exact measuring results, a caliper gauge is recommended.
Check the diameter to make sure you really measure the centre. It makes sense to measure the components twice. This way you can be sure that you get exact measurements.
A second linear or second metre rule leads to a more precise measurement result, especially when measuring the outer diameter and the glass depth.

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Measuring of Shisha glasses without thread - but how?